... Skiffling Siblings


Brothers and sister John, Rob and Chris Gill have been stomping their unique brand of skiffle around the UK and Europe now for an incredible thirty years and show no signs of mellowing or losing their spontaneous approach!

Here's a band that has played in every kind of venue and to every kind of audience possible, both here and abroad. Owners of their acclaimed JOAN'S BABIES album will know that there is no musical genre which they canít re-arrange for tea-chest bass, washboard and guitar - their minimalist but energetic instrumental approach contrasting brilliantly with the kind of close-harmony vocals one can only associate with sibling outfits.

The good time feel of much of PLEASE Y'SELF'S music is perfectly balanced by the band's ability to write powerful and haunting songs such as 'Columbian Pilot' and 'Precipice'. And these are always brilliantly and often unpredictably delivered. The fantastic variety in the band's music, ranging from earthy roots blues to high-energy psycho-skiffle to just plain hilariously weird is remarkable!

And no wonder with their parents and grandparents in Music Hall, the Carter Family on the gramophone at home in the 5O's and wild imaginations that pull in influences from skiffle roots to psychobilly itís difficult to find the words to describe a PLEASE Y'SELF performance.


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